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We believe that creating a solid work environment means providing specialized cadres that help achieve it. Based on this principle, Motoon is interested in attracting the best human cadres specialized in the Hajj, Umrah, and Zeyara, in addition to their strategic experiences, in accordance with the best global practices. And we do not stop at that, but we work to develop their skills, and exchange experiences and knowledge among them, which will reflect positively on the entity in general. At Motoon, we are keen to be the ideal place where experienced professionals in the Hajj, Umrah, and Zeyara sector can provide professional services, and we work to follow a global methodology that sharpens the capabilities and talents of our cadres to enable them to work later as consultants in other sectors whenever they wish. We also work to attract, train, and qualify distinguished graduates to start their first steps in the consulting world. Do not hesitate to submit your request now.

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