Motoon provides strategic and investment solutions for all aspects of the Hajj and Umrah experience, from accommodation and logistics to enriching experiences and guidance. Motoon’s solutions are tailored to the needs of pilgrims, and are designed to improve the overall experience for pilgrims, increase the efficiency of service providers, and meet the needs of the government, local community, and stakeholders in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

provides strategic and financial solutions based on a deep understanding of the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem. Motoon's consulting services are targeted at a wide range of stakeholders, including Pilgrims Experience Program, the Royal Commission for Makkah and the Holy Sites, Development of Madinah Authority, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, The General Authority of Awqaf, Kidana Development Company, the private sector operators and investors, and the non-profit sector.

launches and executes profitable opportunities to serve pilgrims and the local community in collaboration with Sadara Capital. Motoon's services in this area include creating new companies, projects, or products that serve the Hajj and Umrah sector, and then launching them to investors.

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